The Best Strategies in Real Estate MarketWhen owning a plot of land that exceeds a surface of 500 square meters, property division can be an inspired strategy when considering selling the terrain in advantageous financial conditions (especially in the urban area, were constructible real estate properties for sale truly sought-after).

On professional sites such as, future land vendors can consult with real estate experts upon possible strategies of successful transactions.

When deciding upon a property division, you are practically engaging in a complex real estate operation that consists of splitting the terrain in two or multiple new plots that are ready for construction. Read More →

Vrei o afacere sigura si performanta

Vrei o afacere sigura si performanta

Acceseaza chiar acum , un site specializat in vanzari afaceri , si achizitioneaza-ti o ferma avicola . Specialistii in domeniu sunt de parere ca fermele avicole , in special cele BIO , reprezinta una dintre cele mai sigure investitii ale momentului avand in vedere cererea tot mai mare de produse ecologice .

De exemplu o ferma cu 6.000 de gaini , care produc anual 1,8 milioane de oua ecologice , inseamna o cifra de afaceri de 1,5 milioane de lei . Iata care sunt lucrurile de care ai nevoie pentru a incepe o astfel de afacere :

• Un teren de cel putin 1.000 mp , situat , de preferinta , la tara . Daca ai capital iti recomand sa achizitionezi mai mult teren . Cu cat investesti mai mult cu atat profitul va creste .

• Efectivul de gaini ouatoare ( o gaina costa in jur de 20 de lei ) .

• Furaje ( care trebuie sa fie 100% ecologice ) .

• Echipamente pentru ambalarea , depozitarea si transportul oualor .

Dupa ce gainile isi incheie ciclul de ouat poti sa le valorifici pentru carne . In plus , gunoiul de pasare , un ingrasamant ecologic extrem de cautat , iti poate aduce un profit frumusel in conditiile in care o tona se vinde cu aproximativ 600 de euro . Exista peste 170 de rase de gaini , insa cele mai productive atat pentru productia de carne cat si pentru cea de oua sunt :

• Brahma
• Conchin Alb
• Sussex
• Rhode Island

Stilul de viata si alimentatia ecologica incep sa prinda din ce in ce mai mult contur intr-o lume dominata de produse cu etichete de alimente traditionale care in realitate sunt pline de chimicale .

Desi pare de necrezut , 97% din marfa cu eticheta de ‘’produs traditional’’ prezenta pe rafturile magazinelor din tara noastra verificata de inspectorii ANPC nu este traditionala . Un produs traditional inseamna un produs in compozitia caruia ne se gasesc aditivi . Cu toate acestea , pe rafturile magazinelor se regasesc si produse natural 100% .

Piata produselor BIO ( 100% naturale ) este intr-o continua crestere mai ales in partea de Vest a Europei . De pilda , in Germania cererea pentru acest tip de produse a ajuns sa depaseasca cu mult oferta ceea ce inseamna ca aceasta tara a ajuns sa importe o cantitate importanta de produse BIO .

Si in tara noastra sectorul BIO a cunoscut o evolutie ascendenta in ultimii ani . Romanii cumpara in medie produse bio in valoare de 10 milioane de euro in fiecare an , iar cifrele sunt intr-o continua crestere . Din pacate acesti 10 milioane de euro inseamna numai 1% din piata de retail din Romania , mult sub media Uniunii Europene , care este de 5-6% .

Chiar daca pretul produselor BIO este putin mai mare , din ce in ce mai multi romani constientizeaza importanta consumului de alimente fara conservanti , E-uri si pesticide . In plus nutritionistii din lumea intreaga ne sfatuiesc sa punem accent pe calitate in detrimentul cantitatii .

Puii si ouale BIO sunt produse foarte benefice pentru organismul nostru . Un pui non-bio contine o cantitate insemnata de pesticide , E-uri , hormoni si antibiotice care nu fac altceva decat sa creasca rezistenta microbilor din organismul nostru .

Carnea de pui BIO este bogata in vitamine ( fier , zinc , magneziu , selenium ) si proteine. O cantitate de 100 de grame carne de pui BIO contine in medie 20 de grame de proteine , ceea ce inseamna 1/5 din cantitatea de proteine necesara unei persoane cu o greutate de 70 de kg . Proteinele sunt direct raspunzatoare de buna functionare a metabolismului .

Welcome to India! Business or pleasure?

Welcome to India! Business or pleasure?

India. The second largest country judging by the number of inhabitants, India is a country of opposites. Unfortunately, you will see in India poor people, as well as you can see a country, one of the very few countries in the world, that has a nuclear industry very well developed.

In this case, of course, the printing industry is not left behind in India.That may be the reason for which anyone is searching for an indian printing companies database in order to sell their products and have a lot of advantages.

Having one billion inhabitants, of course that many of them thought that printing area is the domain where they can activate. And they do activate. So, imagine that you have to search by yourself a business partner in this field, among so many companies that are activating in India. Things can be a little bit difficult, and may require a lot of time. Read More →

Tips For Building A Home Business

Tips For Building A Home BusinessA home based business endeavor is exciting, and it can be quite rewarding. It can also be stressful and full of uncertainties. If you are about to embark on a journey toward being a home based business owner, there are some essential tips that you must consider. Neglecting to utilize these tips correctly can lead to increased stress and the potential for failure.

However, paying attention to them can yield high results. Continue reading to learn more about some of the things you must do when starting on your home business journey.

The first step to starting a home based business that has the greatest chance of granting you success is choosing the right product or service. But, just what is the right product or service? The answer to this question will vary from person to person. Considering what your right product might be involves looking at the things you are interested in, considering services or products that you are already familiar with and feel comfortable marketing to a large group of people and also finding something that you love, allowing you to start your work each day with a smile on your face.

Millions of people are making a large and an honest income from home with just a computer with internet access.Large corporations worldwide are eagerly seeking for serious people to complete their tasks. Home Based Business Tips & Tricks – Be Succeed Online.

In addition, you must consider needed services or products in your area. If you love pet sitting but there are already twenty pet sitters within a ten mile radius of you, the market is probably already saturated, and you may be better suited by finding a different business venture. Take the time to think these things through in order to come up with a product or service that works for you and the surrounding market.

After you have decided on a product or service, it is time to sit down and consider your business plan. This is a written plan that describes how you will get from your starting point to success. It should outline your goals, who you will involve in your business, how you plan to market the business and what amount of time you will commit to making your business a success. Having these things in writing will give you a concrete plan to turn to whenever questions arise, as well as something to consider when you are trying to figure out what the next step in your venture should be.

Did you know that somebody starts a new Home Based Business every 10 S-E-C-O-N-D-S?!  Home Business Success Kit

In addition to devising a business plan, it is important to consider the financial aspects of running your business. This should include setting up a separate business account, something that is not related to your personal account, so that you can account for the money you are spending on your business or your business brings in. You should also consider what it will cost to start up your business and run it for the first year or two, as this is the time when profits will be minimal, if any, and where those funds will come from. If you are considering investors or business loans, make sure you have a clear cut idea of how those funds will be paid back and in what time frame.

Creating a plan for your business is key to making it successful. This is as true for a home based business as it is for any other type of venture. Execute the steps above properly to see your business start out right and give it the greatest chance of becoming a success.