Visiting London on a Low Budget

Visiting London on a Low Budget
Even though specialists may say that London is one of the most expensive capitals in the world, you don’t have to let yourself discouraged by this official information. Like other world known cities, the capital of the United Kingdom offers a great deal of touristic attractions and opportunities that prove themselves cost-efficient and sometimes even cheaper than in other locations.

Therefore, ahead of embarking in a taxi from London to Luton airport that you can book on and go back home, it is good to know that you might even have some extra money remaining in your vacation budget.

When it comes to accommodation solutions, it is a true fact that the real estate market in London is rather competitive and the prices are generally elevated. However, tourists can find convenient alternatives in hostel and Bed & Breakfast hotels. Even though prices tend to lower down depending on how further you go away from the center, it would be recommended to find something within the city center.

Being rather apart from the visiting area means that you will also have to buy transportation tickets. This aspect will probably take you to the conclusion in the end that you haven’t saved much money. Therefore, why not find a more convenient solution that will also allow you to set aside some extra pounds for your trip with a taxi from London to Luton airport?

Prices at London’s hostels can start from 4 pounds a night/person and are usually preferred by students and generally young people. This type of hostel provides common room that may include up to 10 beds, being a great way to socialize and come across other nationalities. Moreover, Bed & Breakfast hotels are normally located in the central part of the capital, however are a bit more expensive than hostels. In any case, visiting London will certainly bring about a great deal of accommodation options.

Nonetheless, in order to obtain a reasonable price, it would be ideal to make a reservation with 2-3 months in advance or plan and extra-season vacation. During September and October, the prices might considerably increase, while November and February are perfect for low-budget trips.

As far as restaurants are concerned, you can eat at really affordable prices, especially if you’ve planned the vacation with your family. Some diners provide specially-made menus for families offering incredible discounts.

When it comes to save money on meals, a good recommendation would be the chain of Japanese restaurants Wagamama, that can be found in the central parts of London, such as Tottenham Court Road, Covent Garden, Soho and the south bank of Tames. If you’re not a fan of Asian food, Spaghetti House can be an excellent alternative and the restaurant is really welcoming, being decorated in a warm Tuscan style. Likewise, if you want to taste a bit of British gastronomy, the pubs represent a suitable and money-saving solution, as most of these types of restaurants offer lunch at prices that don’t overcome 6 pounds (food and beer).

Organic farm - an idea of a successful business

Organic farm - an idea of a successful businessHealthy nutrition has become a priority for those who adopt a healthy lifestyle, so if you want to promote healthy eating and to protect the environment, than you should create an organic farm.

Organic agriculture requires a lot of work, but it offers many satisfactions. What can be better than to offer people the possibility to enjoy a healthy nutrition?

First, you have to find a good land with fertile soil and access to great water, so you can easily irrigate. In addition, that land has to be free of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers for at least three years, if you want to cultivate organic plants.

There are some principles that organic farming you should respect, such as to sustain and increase the health of soil, animal, plant and human at the same time. Read More →

Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Printing

Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital PrintingAlthough there have been many changes and advances in the digital printing process and equipment some people tend to think that offset printing is still the way to go. This is mostly because it’s still cheaper to print a large number of copies on an offset device.

We all know that offset machines use plates in order to run, the design image or text is has to be burned onto a place, being transferred afterwards from the plate to a rubber sheet, and finally on the surface on which the print has to be done.

All these processes take time and involve using chemicals that can pollute the environment. If we only need to create a small number of copies, then we’ll find that using offset printing for this can be quite expensive.

There are basically four benefits that come with using digital printing. The first benefit is that it’s an eco-friendly printing process. As this type of printing doesn’t use any film plates or photo chemicals like the conventional type of printing, there are virtually no ways in which it can pollute. Read More →