Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Printing


Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital PrintingAlthough there have been many changes and advances in the digital printing process and equipment some people tend to think that offset printing is still the way to go. This is mostly because it’s still cheaper to print a large number of copies on an offset device.

We all know that offset machines use plates in order to run, the design image or text is has to be burned onto a place, being transferred afterwards from the plate to a rubber sheet, and finally on the surface on which the print has to be done.

All these processes take time and involve using chemicals that can pollute the environment. If we only need to create a small number of copies, then we’ll find that using offset printing for this can be quite expensive.

There are basically four benefits that come with using digital printing. The first benefit is that it’s an eco-friendly printing process. As this type of printing doesn’t use any film plates or photo chemicals like the conventional type of printing, there are virtually no ways in which it can pollute.[adsenseyu1]

The second benefit that digital printing brings is speed. Compared to the offset printing, it’s obvious that digital printing offers a faster response time because it doesn’t require that much setup before we can get to printing. No more burning the design image on plates, no more rubber sheets, and no more chemicals.

The third benefit brought on by the advent of digital printing is the fact that it’s more cost effective. Companies that offered printing solutions in the form of offset printing had a minimum amount that they needed to print in order to stay profitable. Therefore anyone that needed to get something printed had to pay extra money, and get extra copies that they didn’t have any use for. Because digital equipment requires minimal setup before printing we are able to print any amount of copies with the same price per copy.

The fourth benefit of running a business that uses digital printing equipment is that we can easily fix any mistakes. Because digital information can be easily stored and modified through the use of computers, if we notice that the print design is faulty, then we can rectify the errors almost instantly, and continue printing almost as if nothing happened. Basically we’re talking about a highly effective print management that can be achieved through the use of this kind of technology, which enable people and companies to save both on time and on finances.


If your company is interested in offering printing solutions, then it needs to take into account the benefits of running digital or offset printing equipment. At the moment, when it comes to cost effectiveness, we might think that digital printing has offset printing pretty much beat. But when it comes to image quality and cost effectiveness for large scale projects, then we can easily say that offset printing machines are the better choice.

There are many thing that we need to find out before choosing to buy printing equipment, and checking out some of the prices that such equipment has is mandatory. We can find plenty of offers that we can choose from at

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