Ways to fight back spring asthenia

Ways to fight back spring astheniaIn the months of March to May is the period when spring fatigue takes over the body and attacks us physically and mentally, and if you can not recognize it, we can say that it manifests itself through symptoms like headaches,pains in the back of the head , tiredness, drowsiness, poorly  sleeping sensation in the morning, lack of appetite, dizziness, fatigue in climbing stairs, desire to sleep more, bone pain, decreased memory and concentration, irritability, mental and physical exhaustion, sadness or depression.

Also some people are sensitive to bright sunlight, noise is upsetting them and are nervous. The good news is that spring fatigue can be overcome. But how can we do it? In most cases, proper nutrition is the right solution to get rid of these symptoms. First to eat less but more often,up to 4-5 meals a day. Never forget  that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Also sleep is important,  we should sleep 7-8 hours per night.

Diet should be rich in meat, dairy products, vegetables and fruits. Read More →