Our Visit to London Starts at the GatwickGatwick, being the second largest airport in the United Kingdom is being used by a high number of passengers. In 2014 it enjoyed the visit of over 38 million passengers, a 7.6 percent increase compared to the year before.

It is estimated that 1 in 5 people that come through the airport are on business, and it’s only natural that this is so as the airport serves 46 out of the 50 top business destinations in Europe alone. Read More →

Visiting London on a Low Budget

Visiting London on a Low Budget
Even though specialists may say that London is one of the most expensive capitals in the world, you don’t have to let yourself discouraged by this official information. Like other world known cities, the capital of the United Kingdom offers a great deal of touristic attractions and opportunities that prove themselves cost-efficient and sometimes even cheaper than in other locations.

Therefore, ahead of embarking in a taxi from London to Luton airport that you can book on 365airporttransfers.com and go back home, it is good to know that you might even have some extra money remaining in your vacation budget.

When it comes to accommodation solutions, it is a true fact that the real estate market in London is rather competitive and the prices are generally elevated. However, tourists can find convenient alternatives in hostel and Bed & Breakfast hotels. Even though prices tend to lower down depending on how further you go away from the center, it would be recommended to find something within the city center.

Being rather apart from the visiting area means that you will also have to buy transportation tickets. This aspect will probably take you to the conclusion in the end that you haven’t saved much money. Therefore, why not find a more convenient solution that will also allow you to set aside some extra pounds for your trip with a taxi from London to Luton airport?

Prices at London’s hostels can start from 4 pounds a night/person and are usually preferred by students and generally young people. This type of hostel provides common room that may include up to 10 beds, being a great way to socialize and come across other nationalities. Moreover, Bed & Breakfast hotels are normally located in the central part of the capital, however are a bit more expensive than hostels. In any case, visiting London will certainly bring about a great deal of accommodation options.

Nonetheless, in order to obtain a reasonable price, it would be ideal to make a reservation with 2-3 months in advance or plan and extra-season vacation. During September and October, the prices might considerably increase, while November and February are perfect for low-budget trips.

As far as restaurants are concerned, you can eat at really affordable prices, especially if you’ve planned the vacation with your family. Some diners provide specially-made menus for families offering incredible discounts.

When it comes to save money on meals, a good recommendation would be the chain of Japanese restaurants Wagamama, that can be found in the central parts of London, such as Tottenham Court Road, Covent Garden, Soho and the south bank of Tames. If you’re not a fan of Asian food, Spaghetti House can be an excellent alternative and the restaurant is really welcoming, being decorated in a warm Tuscan style. Likewise, if you want to taste a bit of British gastronomy, the pubs represent a suitable and money-saving solution, as most of these types of restaurants offer lunch at prices that don’t overcome 6 pounds (food and beer).

How to travel from Birmingham to Gatwick?

How to travel from Birmingham to Gatwick?
Very often we are thinking about travelling and seeing a lot of places so that we can have a lot of memories stock in our minds for a long period of time.

But sometimes, it is for the best to organise your trip in the smallest details even with long time before, and that means that you have to consider everything, starting from the objectives to be visited until the transportation methods, meaning the bus, the train or a taxi Birmingham to Gatwick, which may seem like the best solution for you.

Taking a taxi Birmingham to Gatwick means that the distance of 155 miles will take a few more than two hours, but in this time you will be in complete safety and you will enjoy an experience that other people just dream of.

You may think than a ride with a taxi would cost a lot, but in the same time you will find out that this isn’t quite true. After making an analogy with other local companies that offer similar services we can realise that the prices are even better and that comes in the situation in which the conditions are way over an usual taxi transfer company.

The United Kingdoms have a lot to offer in general. When it comes to business, here the speculate is even greater than in other countries. Not every company is looking to satisfy the client needs, most of them are just looking after profit, short term profit, and leave aside the needs of the one who pays the fees. A company with great name all over England is 365airporttransfers.com. Here you will find real specialists who can guide you through all your needs, and who can transport you and your goods to anywhere you need.

Now, you must not think that taking such a company you you fly on the wheels like in the famous series “Taxi”, but the sensation in similar to that. Fast and comfortable, and not very expensive, these are the criteria that define the company mentioned before. The clean cars are staying at your disposal, the polite drivers are being there for you along the fabulous journey.

So no more stress, no more problems caused by the delays or other unpredicted situations. A company that gives such services will be in permanence close to your needs. You may look at it as to a business, which it is of course, but beyond these someone who runs a mobility business like this must be careful to a lot of factors.

The safety, the professionalism, the maintenance of the car, the drivers, these mean a lot of expenses. But for the professionals this means respect for the customers, and good reviews later on. Maybe you should try them. Maybe you should give yourself the chance to see how is it to be a real star in a small car, even for the few hours that the journey lasts. Convince yourself! Fell free to do that!