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Our Visit to London Starts at the Gatwick

Our Visit to London Starts at the GatwickGatwick, being the second largest airport in the United Kingdom is being used by a high number of passengers. In 2014 it enjoyed the visit of over 38 million passengers, a 7.6 percent increase compared to the year before.

It is estimated that 1 in 5 people that come through the airport are on business, and it’s only natural that this is so as the airport serves 46 out of the 50 top business destinations in Europe alone.

However, unlike Heathrow, which is within Greater London and only 14 miles of central London, Gatwick is situated near Crawley, at almost 30 miles south of central London. This means that we have to carefully plan out how we are going to arrive at or leave from the airport. This is where 365airporttransfers.com comes into play.

As a taxi and airport transport service provider, 365 airport transfers is one of the more reliable and affordable means of travels. With the ability to schedule a pick up even months in advance, we can plan out our trip ahead of time, making sure that we don’t forget anything and that we leave nothing important to chance. After all, a visit to London should not be wasted waiting in the airport for a taxi.


If we are on vacation and want to visit the more interesting places in London, then we should know that besides relying on 365airporttransfers for a ride from and to the airport we can also benefit from exhibition transfers as well as hourly and tour hire.

If we’re on a business trip and we need to be in certain places at an exact time, being able to plan our ride there ahead of time can save us from running late. Relying on public transportation is not something that we should do if we can’t afford to make any mistakes and be late.

For those visiting London for the first time and arriving at the Gatwick airport, blending the airport transfer with a tour of the city with the help of 365airporttransfers.com can be a great way to kick start the visit. If the arrival is in the afternoon, then we should consider stopping on our way to the hotel for a cup of tea and finger sandwiches, scorns or cakes.


There are many places that we can go in order to enjoy the best, and some of them might actually be on the way to the hotel. These include: Fortnum & Mason, The Langham, The Athenaeum, The Berkeley, The Ritz and many others.

If our arrival is in the morning, then we can consider taking a tour of the city, seeing the more important places that we can later visit. It’s a good way to get an idea of what we’re in for, and whether, having little time at our disposal, we would like to visit some and not others.

There are many things that we can do in London, and if we plan everything ahead of time, with the help of reliable and professional companies, we can make our trip here a great experience.

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