Buying and selling used offset printing equipment

Buying and selling used offset printing equipmentThose that want to start a printing business using offset printing equipment will have a hard time figuring out what the best choice would be when it comes to purchasing their equipment.

Although we always have the option to purchase brand new offset printing equipment that comes with a warranty and top of the line performance, we still have the choice to buy used printing equipment.

Why should we consider purchasing used printing equipment? The answer is simple, we could purchase it for only seventy percent of the price of the new one or less. For a company that is just starting off, being able to save some money that could be invested some other way is something that must be taken under consideration.

How can we get the best offers for used printing equipment? The odds are that we won’t be able to find what we’re looking for on sale on the market.


It really depends on the equipment that we are looking for, but if it’s something rather new, then the best choice we have is to see if other companies would be interested in selling their equipment. A good way to assess the market is to have a list of offset printers, of companies that could be willing to sell their equipment.

One of the questions that we would be faced with is why would anyone want to part with their equipment and sell it to someone that will most likely become a competitor? It’s quite simple to answer this.

Most companies that are already in the business of providing offset printing services are always looking to upgrade. Since it makes more sense to sell the old printing equipment and get new one, it only makes sense that anyone would look for a buyer before they decide to upgrade their existing equipment.

What would be the best way to make sure that the equipment we purchase isn’t going to cause us any trouble? First and foremost we need to make sure that we have highly trained and skilled employees that have some experience in operating this kind of equipment. If we can’t find anyone to operate the equipment, then the best choice we have is to send someone to a special training.


The interesting part of collaborating with other companies is that we might actually be able to work something out that will be more beneficial to us than we think. Instead of sending our employees to get trained at an course and seminar we might as well settle the training with the company we’re purchasing the equipment from.

By getting our employees to train with people that have been using the equipment for quite a while now we’ll have a better chance at giving our employees the kind of experience that can only be acquired through many years of training and experimenting.

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