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Take a cab in London

Take a cab in LondonLondon is known for its iconic cabs, many tourists coming here every year to taste the British spirit and enjoy a beautiful holiday. You can take Luton taxis whenever you need a car to take you to your destination safely and enjoy your ride while you admire the bautiful landscape of this extraordinary city.

These Luton taxis offer a professional transport service and are always on time. The famous taxis in London are a symbol of the city, almost as iconic as the buses that can be seen in the English capital. The black cabs of London have a very long history.

This design and coulour became popular after 1945, but today they do not have to have the black colour. Those that want to become a taxi driver in London have to learn a lot. The average study period for them is 3 years, and that is because a taxi driver in London has to memorise 320 routes in the city, that is 25.000 streets. Their knowledge has to be obligatory extensive because the authorities in the city want this service to be very efficient.[adsenseyu1]

There are some things to know before you take a taxi in London. If you see such a car with the light displaying the sign Taxi switched on, tis means that it is available to hire by anyone. The light is switched off when the respective taxi is busy. All you have to do when you want to take a cab in London is to stick out your arm. It is against the law to shout, and if you do this no driver will stop to take you in his cab.

There is no need to tell a taxi driver the address of your hotel because he knows it for sure. After the taxi driver stops, be careful not to enter into the car, but first to tell him your destination. In a London cab can travel 5 passengers at the same time, so it is good for small groups of people. A cab driver will tell you many interesting things about London, as they meet a lot of people every day.


There is also the possibility of a minicab if you do not have enough money for a classic London cab. The driver of a minicab will tell you the price before he starts driving and you can choose if you take the cab or not. You have to know that a minicab is booked in advance from an office. Most of the cab drivers in London own the cars they drive around the city, so they have their own taxi business.

Your London experience will be complete if you take a ride with a cab or even a mincab in the city. There can be additional charges to the minimum charge, depending on the place where you take the taxi. You can also pay by credit or debit card, but you should ask the driver before you start the trip.

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