The Truth About Cancer and The Myths You Believe


The Truth About Cancer and The Myths You BelieveThere is nothing positive about the word cancer, except when it goes into remission. Sadly, the fear of this disease has caused many myths to become widely held beliefs.

The information below will help you understand what is real and what isn’t when it comes to cancer.What you eat has nothing to do with developing cancer. This myth is absolutely untrue for a variety of types of cancer.

For example, esophageal, stomach and intestinal cancers often have to do with eating an unhealthy diet. Clean up what you eat by focusing on healthy vegetables, lean proteins, legumes and whole grains to ensure you stop preventable cancers before they begin.Some people believe that all you need is a single application of sunblock per day to prevent skin cancer. The truth is that sunblock wears off, especially if you sweat or go swimming, and it needs to be reapplied every few hours.

Check the packaging for instructions about how frequently to reapply and follow their recommendations.You should read this article also for understanding the cancer causes .[adsenseyu1]

Another non-myth is that household chemicals can cause cancer. Many of the products available on the market today do contain carcinogens which you don’t want to be breathing in or ingesting. When you use a chemical product to clean, make sure to rinse it off the surface thoroughly to ensure no residue is left which could potentially make contact with your body.There is a persistent myth that smoking isn’t nearly as bad as living in a city due to pollution.

The truth is that neither are good for your health, but smoking directly puts hazardous toxins into your lungs. On top of that, you choose to smoke! Why choose to do something which is going to cause you great health issues down the road? You may not be able to choose to move, but quitting is a simple way to reduce your chances of developing cancer.There are currently studies which state that cell phones can cause cancer. Sadly, this is not a myth. What does that mean?


Invest in a bluetooth earpiece for your phone and make use of it for any calls which are going to be longer than a few minutes. While there has to be more evidence before cell phones become a legislative issue, you can protect yourself today by keeping that phone away from your brain.I don’t need to be tested for any sort of cancer until I’m over 50. Intestinal, prostate, breast and other cancers have their own recommendations for the age at which you should be tested.

This age changes if you have a family history of any sort of cancer, though. Talk to your doctor about when or whether you should be tested.Cancer myths can leave us all open to silly risks that we should know better than to allow. With your new knowledge, you can be sure that you will not fall prey to these mistakes any longer. While you may not cure cancer or prevent it as a result, you will at least know the truth about the disease itself.

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